Manicure Monday

Electric Pulp

Unwind from your busy St. Patrick’s Day weekend with this low key rainbow nail art design. All it takes it a couple bottles of nail polish, a dotting tool or bobby pin, and you have a killer unique manicure!


-Six different colors of nail polish
-Black nail polish
-Nail dotting tool or bobby pin
-Clear nail polish


Step 1: Start off by applying the black nail polish as your base coat. Let dry for a couple minutes.

Step 2: On a paper plate drip a couple drops of each nail polish color into individual little globs (this will act as your paint pallet). Then take your dotting tool (or bobby pin) and apply your first dot of color to each nail.

Step 3: Repeat with your remaining colors and then apply clear coat when you’re done to seal the deal! It’s that easy!

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