Manicure Monday!

Electric Pulp

We can’t wait for long summer days and loads of warm weather and ice cream! Enjoy this sweet little tribal print maicure with a touch of pastels. We found this DIY tutorial on Honestly… WTF.


-Pastel nail polish
-Sally Hanson Nail Art Pen
-Clear nail polish


Step 1: Start off by applying a clear base coat to all of your nails, then apply you nail polish to all of your nails and let dry for a couple minutes. We waited about 5.

Step 2: Using the art pen tool play around with making some tribal patterns. Don’t worry about messing up since you can easily wipe away the pen marks with a tissue when the paint is still wet. If you happy with your design let dry and repeat on all of your fingers.

Step 4: Finish off with a top coat to seal in your design and add shine to your nails.

Do you have any ideas for our next Manicure Monday? Leave us a comment here or upload a picture to our Facebook page!

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