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For this weeks Manicure Monday we thought we’d add a little color to the gloomy cold weather we’ve been having. This manicure features a rainbow marbling effect with solid gray nails. Check out our step by step process below and for those of you who are visual learners we found a great Youtube tutorial as well!


-Tooth Pick
-Shot glass or cup (the smaller the circumference, the less polish you end up wasting)
-Room temp. water
-Tape (optional, but it helps with the clean up)
-Rainbow colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple nail polish
-Cement colored nail polish
-White nail polish
-Clear coat nail polish


Step 1: Paint you middle finger (or the nail you’d like to have the rainbow on) with a base coat of white. Depending on what kind of polish you use you might need to do two layers. Let dry.

Step 2: Fill your cup with some warm or room temperature water. If the water is too cold, the nail polish will seize up.

Step 3: I like to begin with the lightest color. Load up the brush and let a big drop of polish fall into the water. Continue with the other colors until you have a few concentric circles of polish in the water.

Step 4: Using the toothpick, drag through the polish from the edge toward the middle. Continue to drag the stick through the polish until you find a design that you think looks pretty.

Step 5: Optional: tape around the edge of the nail to protect your finger from becoming covered with nail polish. Scotch tape works perfectly for this.

Step 6: Holding your finger horizontally, dip your fingernail into the glass, making sure it is completely submerged.

Step 7: Use the toothpick to trace around your finger, gathering up all the unused nail polish in the glass.

Step 8: Lift your finger out of the glass, and let dry before taking the tape off.

Step 9: Paint your remaining nails the cement gray color and let dry

Step 10: Finish with your favorite top coat on all of the nails and you’re all done!

Most importantly, have fun! As with any type of nail art, practice makes perfect, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t get it right the first time.

We would love to see pictures of all your water marbling attempts, so get dipping!

Upload your photos here:

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