Manicure Monday!

Electric Pulp

Big shout out to Kim T. for sharing this picture with us on our Facebook wall. Today we’re gonna let Kim talk to you about how she got these amazing rasta nails all done up.

“Hi!!! Here’s a Rasta Style I did !! hope you like it!! Jah-mon!!”


-White, yellow, green, red and clear top nail polish.
-“Stripe Rite” nail polish in black to help you make the thin black lines. I got mine at Sally’s Beauty Supply.


STEP 1: Paint your nails white as the base coat (this will help your lighter colors like yellow stand out).

STEP 2: Start painting your 3 rasta colors on with a steady hand. Tip use acetone to help clean up a messy line.

STEP 3: Use Stripe Rite (or any other nail polish with a thin brush) and be creative with your swoop lines!

STEP 4: Clear coat those finger nails and you’re all set!

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