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Ready to get a classy vintage look without paying the big bucks for a manicure? Try this twist on a classic French manicure by painting half moons. This vintage inspired look comes to us from the 1940s when the ladies were jitterbugin with their distinctive nail shapes and colors. Think two-toned eye popping colors that contrast and you’re set. Make ‘em bold by pairing black moons with metallic nails or you could even try tri-color nails, with moons, nails, and tips all different shades!

After reading this blog on half moon nails by The Coveted we decided to try the same color combo ourselves and loved the outcome! All photos below from The Coveted.


-Two different colors of nail polish (try to pick a light and dark color)
-Standard paper hole reinforcement stickers (you can get them at any office supply place)


STEP 1: Paint your entire nail with the base color that you want your cuticle color to be. It’s a good idea to use the lighter color as the base, since you’ll need the other color to cover a good portion of the nail. Let your base color dry completely before you continue on to Step 2. We waited about 20 minutes just to be safe. Ex: if you want to have white half moons at the top of your nails (cuticle area) then paint the entire nail white.

STEP 2: After you are absolutely sure that the first layer is dry, apply the reinforcement labels/stickers to your nails right at the top of your nail (try cutting the labels in half to get more uses out of them). The majority of the label should be on your skin and only a small amount on your nail depending on how big or small you want your half-moon to be. Once you have the label in place, press on it until it is completely stuck in all corners so it contours to your nail.

STEP 3: Paint your entire nail with the darker colored nail polish. Ensure a clean contrasting line of color by painting on top of the sticker and around the edges. Let your second layer color dry completely before you continue on to Step 4. We waited about 20 minutes just to be safe.

STEP 4: Now carefully remove the reinforcement labels. These stickers should peel off without taking of any of the color underneath and leave you with a clean edge.

STEP 5: Protect with a glossy, clean topcoat to preserve you’re new look!

YOUR THOUGHTS?: Have you ever tried this look? Have any tips? We’d love to hear em.

Here is a picture of what the reinforcement labels look like:

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