Manicure Monday!

Electric Pulp

Summer is about to sizzle with this innovative hot new Crackle style! Make a bold statement with this edgy and creative polish that was specially formulated to crack while it dries, which creates a fun design. You only need to use two kinds of nail polish. First, the nail polish type of cracked nail polish (made specifically that can create the effect of irregular cracks) and the second nail polish that will be used as a base color.

Step 1: Applying a Base Coat
First, we painted a base coat on our nails. Since it’s summer, we went with three shades of blue for a cool look (start by applying your lightest color first across the whole nail, then tear the next darkest color down and then the darkest at the tips. You can really try whatever style or color combo you want. Do whatever colors make you happy!

Steps 2 + 3: Crackle Overcoat & Top Coat
After allowing ample time for the base coat layers to dry, apply a thin layer of the Crackle Overcoat. The top coat adds extra shine to your nails and makes the contrast between the colors pop that much more.

Final Advice & Review:
From our experience, don’t lay the crackle layer on thick; it just won’t as well if you do. Also, don’t forget to apply a clear top coat. Those two steps combined really make all the difference.

Your Thoughts?
Have you ever tried Crackle nail polish? What were your results and do you have any application tips to share? Or have you tried any crackle nail polish brands that you liked?

*You can buy Crackle nail polish at your neighborhood CVS, Walgreens or some grocery stores.

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