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Manicure Monday!!!

Everyone needs a little sparkle in their life! Follow these easy steps to bling your nails out!

What You Need:
1 base coat (any color but I am OBSESSED with Essie’s Sand Tropez)
1 clear top coat
1 small paint brush, must be able to fit in a nail polish bottle
1 small tube of fine glitter (not the chunky stuff), any color of you choice
1) wax paper or card board to place glitter onto


Step 1) Paint nails with two coats of your base color and let dry completely.
Step 2) Pour a small amount of glitter onto wax paper/cardboard.
Step 3) Brush clear top coat on the tip of your nail.
Step 4) Dip paint brush into clear top coat bottle then dip into the glitter. (It is best to do Steps 3 & 4 one nail at a time)
Step 5) Apply the glitter onto the tips of your nails and let it thoroughly dry.
Step 6) After glitter is dry, apply clear top coat to seal everything in.
Step 7) Go out with the girls and watch everyone owwww and ahhh over your fab manicure!

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