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Today’s Manicure Monday is a part of a special series we’re doing with FOAM Magazine! For the next couple of weeks we’re going to be featuring a different O’Neill Girl from our team and a nail trend she’s into!

What we love about this Heat Wave Manicure is the vibrant contrast in colors and the leaf like design. This same manicure can be done in almost any color just remember to use one light color as the base and a brighter deeper color as the leafy outline. Learn how to do this Heat Wave manicure yourself by following the steps below and be sure to check out more info on Rebecca, our Marketing Agency Director in FOAM Magazines exclusive blog.

What You’ll Need:
-Orly Bonder basecoat (optional)
-Lime aid yellow nail polish
-Hot cherry red nail polish
-Thin paint brush
-Clear coat nail polish

How To Do It Yourself:

Step 1: up all your supplies and unscrew each of the nail polish tops so that you can easily access them. Start off by applying the Orly Bonder as your basecoat to all of your nails (this will prevent nail color from chipping or wearing off). Let dry for a couple minutes.

Step 2: Paint your left hand with the yellow nail polish and your right hand with the red nail polish. Allow about 10 minutes for the paint to completely dry.

Step 3: Using your small paint brush on your left hand (yellow nails) apply a slightly off center vertical line down the middle of your nail using the red nail polish. Repeat on all fingers.

Step 4 & 5: Starting at the tip of your nail, apply a diagonal line working from the center line out. Repeat on both sides of the center line working your way from tip to base.

Step 6: Apply a layer of clear top coat to both hands to seal in your manicure!

Got any ideas for our next Manicure Monday? Leave us a comment here or upload a picture to our O’Neill Girls Facebook page!

(Bracelets by our friends at Rope the Moon)

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