Manicure Monday

Electric Pulp

Switch things up a bit this week as you bring the best of two color worlds together on one nail! Try this dual color manicure… it’s pretty easy to do!


-Pink nail polish
-Purple nail polish
-Scotch tape  (if your want your lines to be exact)
-Clear nail polish


Step 1: Start off by applying the pink nail polish (or your lighter color) to all of your nails. Let dry for a couple minutes.

Step 2: Then you can simply free hand your diagonal purple line or if you like things more precise you can apply a strip of scotch tape over half of your nail and paint purple over the exposed part. Then slowly peel the take off and you should have a perfect diagonal line! Do this on all our nails or just a couple… it’s up to you!

Step 4: Finish off with a top coat to seal in your classy and fun nails.

Do you have any ideas for our next Manicure Monday? Leave us a comment here or upload a picture to our Facebook page!

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