Manicure Monday

Electric Pulp

We stumbled across this manicure tutorial over the weekend and had to share it with you! We love the fun tribal pattern and the wild colors. Enjoy, and watch the video at the bottom for more details on this manicure.


-White nail polish
-Sea foam green nail polish
-Pink nail polish
-Black nail polish
-Tooth pick
-Clear coat nail polish


Step 1: Paint all your nails white as this will be your base color.

Step 2: Using the tooth pick create a zig zag line in black on your nail (shaped like a large “W”)

Step 3: Then use the tooth pick again to fill in two of the V’s with black like the image shown below.

Step 4: After your black V’s have dried then dip your tooth pick into the Sea Foam green and outline two very thin smaller V’s inside.

Step 5: Next you will dip your tooth pick into your black nail polish and start on making your horizontal lines over your white background.

Step 6: Do this to all of your nails except the ring fingers. The only difference on these is that you will be using pink instead of the sea foam green nail polish.

Step 7: Now all you have to do is just clear coat them and you’re done!

And for more details on this manicure watch the video here:

Do you have any ideas for our next Manicure Monday? Leave us a comment here or upload a picture to our Facebook page!

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