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As gentlemen across the globe are growing in their facial fuzz in honor of Movember, we too want to join in the fun and show our support of testicular cancer! The possibilities are endless when it comes to painting baby mustaches on your nails so we’ve posted some pictures for you to get ideas from and we have also listed the Do It Yourself steps for our favorite.


-Baby pink nail polish
-Dotting tool (or pencil)
-Tooth pick
-Stripe Rite black nail polish (thin brush for straight lines)
-Clear coat nail polish


STEP 1: Paint your entire nail with your pink base coat. Let dry completely before you continue on to Step 2. We waited about 10 minutes just to be safe.

STEP 2: With a steady hand use your Stripe Rite black nail polish to paint 3 vertical lines on both ring fingers.

STEP 3: To paint the mustaches on your remaining fingers start out by working on one finger at a time and check out the video below for examples. With your dotting tool make 2 dots in the center of your finger that are touching each other.

STEP 4: With your tooth pick make two smaller dots on either sides of your center dots. These will help you judge where your mustache ends will be.

STEP 5: Now connect the bigger dot to the smaller dot with a curved line. Then connect the top of the dots with another curved line.

STEP 6: Fill in the side of the mustache with the tooth pick using a dotting method. Create the other side of the mustache using the same technique and continue the process on the remaining fingers.

STEP 4: Protect with a glossy, clear topcoat to preserve your baby staches!

Have any ideas for our next Manicure Monday? Upload your photos here:

Quick Tip: Practice drawing the mustaches with polish on a piece of paper first before attempting them on your nails.

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