Manicure Monday

Electric Pulp

With Halloween still in our thoughts and Thanksgiving right around the corner we thought we would blend the two and create a Fall’esc manicure. Try looking for a metallic pumpkin orange for the perfect base color for this manicure!


-A rustic orange nail polish
-Stripe Rite black nail polish (thin brush for straight lines)
-Clear coat nail polish


STEP 1: Paint your entire nail with the rustic orange base color. Let dry completely before you continue on to Step 2. We waited about 10 minutes just to be safe.

STEP 2: With a steady hand use your Stripe Rite black nail polish to create a diagonal line pattern. Be creative and go wild! If your lines aren’t perfect don’t worry… the more lines you have the more chaotic it will be and the harder it will be for anyone to notice little imperfections.

STEP 3: Protect with a glossy, clean topcoat to preserve you’re new Fall look!

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