Manicure Monday!

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A big thank you to Nastassia S. who uploaded this picture of her nails to our Facebook wall last week. Nastassia says that,  “These nails resemble the galaxy”. Check out her step by step process on what she did to acheive this out of this world look!


1 black nail polish
1 dark purple nail polish
1 light blue nail polish
1 silver/gray nail polish
1 white nail polish
1 silver-round shaped glitter nail polish
1 gold nail glitter polish
4-5 q-tips
1 toothpick
1 top coat nail polish


STEP 1: Take a black based nail polish and paint it all over your nails.
STEP 2: Take a q-tip and take a dark purple polish and apply random “dots” on it (1 or 2 is fine)
STEP 3: Take another q-tip and repeat step 2, but with a light blue color (placing the dots over one another is fine.)
STEP 4: Once, more repeat the previous step but with a silver/gray polish color.
STEP 5: Take a toothpick, and dip it in your white nail polish, then make dots on your nails to make it appear as “stars” (place as many as you would like)
STEP 6: GENTLY, sprinkle gold nail glitter with a nail brush over each nail, to appear more galaxy-like.
STEP 7: Apply silver round-shaped glitter nail polish.
STEP 8: Apply a top coat and you’re DONE!

Have you done any cool manicures lately? Upload a picture to our Facebook wall!

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