Manicure Monday!

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NEWS FLASH!!!!!!!!! It’s manicure Monday!! This look is not only interesting and chic, but it is super easy!

Supplies Needed:
10 small newsprint pieces (big enough to fit over your nail)
1 oz of alcohol such as vodka, gin or rubbing alcohol
small bowl
cotton balls or cotton pads
cotton swab
Neutral nail polish (white or nude works best)
Clear topcoat nail polish

How To:

Step 1) paint your nails with the neutral color nail polish and let it dry completely.

Step 2) Once your nail color is dry, dip finger in alcohol for ten seconds and place a newsprint piece onto the wet nail.

Step 3) Gently rub newsprint with a cotton ball for 25 seconds.

Step 4) Slowly lift the newsprint away from nail and clean skin around the nail with a cotton swab and alcohol.

Step 5) Repeat this step on the rest of your nails.

Step 6) To keep your nail color from chipping, paint on a clear topcoat nail polish.

This look is definitely newsworthy and definitely something everyone should try!

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