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We stumbled across this butterfly nail art video on Youtube by CutePolish and we had to share it with you! If you’re ever in need of new nail art designs you’ll have to check out her videos, they’re so creative and her tutorials are easy to follow. Here are the DIY steps and a video tutorial:

What You’ll Need:
-Orly Bonder basecoat (optional)
-Orange polish
-Black nail polish
-Black Stripe Rite nail polish or thin paint brush
-White nail polish
-Dotting tool or bobby pin
-Clear top coat

How To Do It Yourself:

Step 1: Start off by applying the Orly Bonder as your basecoat to all your nails (this will prevent nail color from chipping or wearing off).

Step 2: Next paint all of your nails with the base color of orange nail polish and let dry for a couple minutes.

Step 3: Using your black nail polish paint a thin diagonal swipe at the tip of each of your nails.

Step 4: Now using the black Stripe Rite nail polish or a thin paint brush dipped in black nail polish paint a curved line up by your cuticle. Then create four lines connecting that line down to the black diagonal line on the tip of your nails.

Step 5: Now curve the area where the black tip meets the lines you have just created in Step 4 (see video tutorial for example).  Let the black nail polish dry for about 5 minutes then continue on to the next step.

Step 6: Next use a dotting tool to create white dots on the tip of your black nails with the white nail polish. We found that using a bobby pin or pencil tip works well depending on what size white dots you’d like.

Step 7: Finish off by applying a layer of clear coat and you’re all done!

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