Manicure Monday-State of the Union

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Dear Linclon, Washington, Roosevelt, Obama and the other 40 great presidents of the U. S. of A. THANK YOU! Thank you for your endless hard work and for allowing us to enjoy an extra day without work or school in our wonderful country. Today’s Manicure Monday is inspired by our country’s leaders and the good ‘ol red, white, and blue!


What You’ll Need:
– Pale Pink Polish
– Glitter Polish
– Blue Polish
– Clear top coat
– Red Polish
– Thin Paint Brush (you can purchase these at an art supply or craft store like Michael’s)

How To Do It Yourself:

Step 1: Paint entire hand with the pale pink polish. Let dry.

Step 2: Paint the tips of your pointer and ring finger with the glitter polish.

Step 3: With paint brush, paint a half circle with the red polish on the bottom of your thumb, middle and pinky fingers. Let dry.

Step 4: With blue polish, paint the tip of the same fingers you did in the previous step . Let dry.

Step 5: Finish with clear top coat.

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*Bracelet by Rope the Moon 

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