Mark Mathews Interview – Fighting Fear

Mark Mathews gives us a candid introduction to the film fighting fear, one of the two stars from the upcoming film “Fighting Fear” which releases on September 16th. Check out Mark on Instagram at #markmathews1.

The film, “Fighting Fear” follows the lives of these 2 best friends through their ups and downs in pursuit of their dreams and the story of their friendship.

Screen dates include the following:
La Paloma Theatre Encinitas- Sept 16
South Coast Twin, Laguna Beach- Sept 16
Charter Center, Huntington Beach- Sept 16
The Nickelodean Theatre, Santa Cruz- Sept 19

Directed by Macario De Souza (Co-Director of Australia’s most successful documentary, “Bra Boys”). Starring Mark Mathews & Richie Vaculik.

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