Meet Generation Next Finalist: Taylor

Electric Pulp

Learn more about Taylor, our Generation Next finalist of the week!

Q: Which season is your favorite to design for?
A: Summer, because you can wear whatever you want! No dress codes.

Q: Do you visit a lot of fashion websites?
A: I usually check out,,, and Facebook, even though it’s not fashion.

Q: What kinds of activities do you enjoy besides designing?
A: surfing, shopping and skateboarding

Q: What is your favorite date outfit?
A: I love my Louis Lane dress. It’s a black sweetheart top and the rest is grey!

Q: What kind of top would you design to score a guy?
A: Nothing too revealing. You want to show some skin, but not too much. God gave you skin so show some of it, but be classy!

Q: What do you want in your prom date?
A: A guy who can dance!

Q: Date, Dump or Kiss? Joe Jonas, Ryan Sheckler, Justin Bieber?
A: Oh, geez, date-Joe Jonas, Dump-Ryan Sheckler, Kiss-Justin Bieber

Q: If you were on a deserted island, what 3 things would you want with you?
A: Music (Ska, rock and reggae), my dog and clothes

Q: Team Edward or Jacob?
Q: Jacob

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