MissKL & O’Neill Girl’s #RaddestSummer Winners!

Electric Pulp

We wrapped up our Raddest Summer instagram contest with MissKL and got some amazing winners! With over 500 submissions, it was not an easy job to pick, trust me—you all rocked this summer, but Maia, Shelby and Tara caught our attention with their raddest moments. Thanks for all the amazing submissions! Glad to see so many of you living it up and making yourself some unforgettable memories. Seriously, it was really hard to pick just three. Keep checking in with us on the good ol’ blog, facebook, and instagram for more contests, fun & funk! xoxo..

–Alison, Graphic Design & Marketing Coordinator



Maia Kamehiro-Stockwell, Santa Cruz

“Bring me back to Mexico, missing these waves”

 This summer I went on a surf trip with a bunch of my friends and my surf club adviser (who is also our math teacher) to Baja! We went to a bunch of local breaks on the East Cape, but this one photo was taken at Destiladeras, which was definitely my favorite wave. My teacher brought along his friend, Larry Hammerness, a local photographer, who took a ton of pictures of my friends and I, and this was in the bunch! I was so glad that he was there to capture the raddest moment of my summer!





Shelby Lott, North Carolina

“Getting my play on #RockyKnob”

 This shot was taken at Rocky Knob Terrain Park in Boone, North Carolina, I was out with my boyfriend and bros hitting some of the downhill mountain bike trails and jumps. Muddy, awesome day!



Tara Smith, New Jersey

“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to #crowdsurf”

 This was at a Foo Fighters concert during my favorite song “Ever Long”.  I was wearing a knee brace because I hurt my knee surfing two days before the show. I wanted to get closer to the band so I had the crowd lift me up! Haha needless to say when my mom saw this that picture was taken right after my injury, she was not happy!


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