Motivational Monday: Soul Seeking

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Motivational Monday: Soul Seeking

I read this once as a caption aside a photo and it instantly stuck–why is it that we go by day in and day out just meeting the requirements, the check marks on the to-do lists? We become so reluctant to put any extra effort in and over and over we look forward towards tomorrow instead of today. We binge eat so we can burn off the calories later, we skip workouts, indulge into processed foods which we can’t even pronounce the names of so often that we become immune to their sickening effects. We neglect what’s good for our soul and treat our body like a battlefield instead of a treasure chest.

Well it’s time to stop. Realize. And make a change. Stop burying yourself in the burden of tomorrows daunting tasks and enjoy the simplicity of  today. Dress well. Go to the sea. By yourself a plane ticket far, far away. Expose yourself to the wellness of nature and complexity of the Earth. Enjoy every moment of today–because today is perfect and today deserves much more than to be another check mark on your to-do list.

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