Noah Hill Maui Mixtape


Noah Hill Maui Mixtape

We got word that Noah Hill recently snapped his femur doing a full-rotation air at Rocky Point on the North Shore. Noah normally has them on lock as you can see from the video above, but with a fluke in luck on this occasion he’s left with a broken bone and needing surgery to recover. Surfline recently did a post interview of Noah breaking his femur. See below. The footage from above is of Noah surfing on Maui during a mid November swell. Get well soon!

From Surfline:

We caught up with Hill while he was recovering in an Oahu hotel, and, despite the circumstances, he sounded surprisingly confident about his impending return to the water.

How’re you feeling?
I’m feeling a little bit better than a week ago, when it first happened. But today, the swelling has come up a lot; I don’t have very much mobility right now in my leg. I was able to leave the hospital, though, so I’m just resting in a hotel on Oahu. But I can’t fly back to Maui yet. I can’t bend my knee yet so I can’t sit on the plane. I’ll probably go back to Maui in about 10 days, so I’ll stay here and do physical therapy, get my staples out, and then head back.

So what exactly happened?
Basically, I caught this wave, which looked pretty good and I was pumping down the line, looking for the section. I hit it and did a full-rote, not even that high of one, but I landed weird. When I came down, I kinda landed on the spray from the lip, with all my weight on my front foot. My knee already wasn’t feeling well, so I felt sorta weak in the first place. In the video, it looks like I sink into my leg. Then I fell off my board and I remember being in the whitewater and my heel bending all the way around and hitting me in the back of the head. I came up, felt the pain, and just started screaming for help.

It didn’t look like a bad fall, so I could see peoples’ faces and everyone was confused as to what happened. The break is super high up on my femur; nobody could see it, because my boardshorts were covering it. But I knew right away how serious it was. My leg was flopping all over the place.

Read the rest here.

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