NSSA Western Championships

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The NSSA Western Championships finished up this past weekend at Huntington Beach Pier and once again O’Neill team riders stepped up in a big way. The surf was solid the entire event with Sunday being cancelled due to large surf and high winds. The finals commenced yesterday and saw surf in the 3-5′ foot range and Shaw Kobayashi and Jake Davis crushed the entire field and have added West Championship Titles to their growing accolades.

San Clemente’s Shaw Kobayashi has been hunting down this title for his amateur career and with this being his last year in the NSSA it makes even a sweeter accomplishment. Better yet, not only did he win the Men’s Open Season Championship and he also won the Juniors Explorer Division to really put his stamp of dominance on the season. His surfing was on point with powerful carves and big moves through out the event. He garnered eight point rides nearly every heat and was on a mission from the first day of the event. With these wins his confidence is up and riding high heading into the NSSA Nationals coming up in June. “I am super stoked that I accomplished what I have been trying to do all year. I kind of had a hard year and haven’t done as good as I wanted too. Now with these double wins it just makes it all worth it. I am psyching and looking forward to Nationals.”

Equally impressive was Capo Beach’s Jacob Davis who won the Boys division and bettered his 2nd place from last year. His powerful surfing matched up well with the big surf. He excelled in the surf and was visibly on another level than the rest of the competition. He clearly won with a 7.5 and 8.6, which placed the rest of the competitors in a combo situation (needing a combination of two scores). He too will be riding a wave of confidence heading to Nationals.

Colton Ward also had a solid result and a nice run to the finals placing 4th overall in the Open Boys final. He excelled in the bigger surf but came up a little short in the wave department in the finals. Even so, it is a good way to cap off the year and look for Colton for a good run at the NSSA Nationals.

The NSSA Nationals will begin June 28-July 3rd and will have Live webcast at www.nssa.org

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