O’Neill 365: 3XDRY Technology

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O’Neill 365 is inspired by and designed for active females who demand both style and performance from workout apparel. O’Neill 365 is the wardrobe for your life. Meant to be lived in 365 days a year, inside and out, in a gym or at the store, worn with the confidence that no one you see post-workout will ever know you broke a sweat.

O’Neill is rooted in technology and innovation with the invention of the wetsuit in 1952. O’Neill 365 is a natural extension of the O’Neill brand, which is dedicated to high performance products that merge fashion and function. 2012 marks the 60th anniversary of O’Neill, a brand that still leads the industry in innovation and high quality performance products. Focused on high performance with fashionable styling, flattering fits and feminine silhouettes, key attributes of O’Neill 365 include:

+ Fashion forward and feminine meets high performance
+ Technologically advanced fabrics such as 3XDRY®
+ Effortless styling that takes you from the gym into everyday life

O’Neill 365 successfully merges style and high performance. Our garments with 3XDRY® technology keep you cool, dry and sweat mark free 365 days a year.

On the outside the 3XDRY® garment is treated with a water-repellent which makes it less susceptible to water and dirt stains. On the inside the moisture resulting from perspiration is quickly absorbed and distributed over a large surface area. Only the inside of the garment absorbs moisture, so your sweat marks are invisible from the outside. Perspiration evaporates close to the body, which assists in natural cooling and ensures more energy during workouts.

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