O’Neill on Undercover Boss


O’Neill on Undercover Boss

O'Neill on Undercover Boss

Thanks to all who wrote in and commented on Toby’s episode on Undercover Boss.
The episode aired on CBS February 22nd. You can watch the full episode on cbs.com.

“The Undercover Boss experience was intense, and it certainly prompted me to remember the importance of little details,” said Bost. “The opportunity allowed me to examine our company from a new perspective and learn important lessons from our employees. In my position, you aren’t often able to replicate the retail experience through the eyes of an entry-level employee, for instance, so this allowed me to see the challenges they face every day. It also provided a closer view into our training and communications procedures that I wouldn’t have had the same access to otherwise.”

“I approached this opportunity as a unique chance to see how we can improve our operations, sales training and internal communication with employees,” added Bost. “I was able to have hands-on experiences and learn from the people who are creating and selling the clothes we make, engaging daily with consumers, buyers and other retail partners, and keeping this company ticking and thriving every day. There was no special preparation going in, there were certainly a lot of surprises and, most importantly, great insight in terms of where we can improve and better support our dedicated team members.”

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