O’Neill Psycho One wins Solspot 2015 Wetsuit of the year

O’Neill has done it again. A solid combination of performance, warmth, and price has pushed us to the top of the Solspot test AGAIN.  Click here for full article.

Unlike other wetsuit tests, this test is based on the ACTUAL performance of the wetsuit, not how much marketing was put into it.



“Two years ago Solspot set out to create the most unbiased wetsuit test possible. We were tired of hearing that every suit was the warmest, driest, lightest, most amazing suit on the market. We sat down as a team and outlined the most important components of a wetsuit and what we would want to know if we were buying a suit. As a result we created a test built on the following:
  • 70% on Performance Metrics
  • 20% on Cost
  • 10% User Evaluation
We are completely transparent with our testing methodologies explaining what we do, how we do, and where we do all testing. We’ve had conference calls with the engineers, product managers, and marketing folks to explain our test in great detail. In every instance we have received positive feedback for removing the BS and focusing on what really counts in a wetsuit.
There is 10% that is left to User Evaluation but we believe that is a critical component to crown a winner. If you don’t have User Input than a suit that gives gnarly rashes but scores exceptionally well everywhere else would win. We need that 10% to make sure our fellow surfers have as much info as possible before they shell our $300 or more on a critical piece of equipment.” said Solspot CEO, Aron North.

Fall/Winter 2015 O’Neill PSYCHO ONE ZEN from O’Neill on Vimeo.

The Psycho One minimal seam madness is now available in F.U.Z.E. and Z.E.N. Zip Closures. The ultimate high-performance cold water wetsuit. Built with ultra gooey TechnoButter 2 Neoprene and ultra-minimal seam styling offers unrestricted mobility, enhanced durability and incredible fit. The Psycho One will raise your performance level to new heights. Also available in Youth Z.E.N. Zip.

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