O’Neill World Cup of Surfing


The O’Neill World Cup of Surfing is coming back to Sunset Beach on November 24th! Sunset Beach is the premier stage for high-performance big wave surfing and is one of the most challenging lineups on Earth. Sunset’s main peak features a heavy drop that reshapes itself into a hollow, thick wall of water. The best of the best Sunset surfers get barreled while their less-skilled counterparts are put through a heavy rinse cycle by the white wash.

While some surfers cringe at Sunset’s mountainous walls, others revel in the sizeable surf. However, few wave riders have been able to dial in the break like former Triple Crown champion Michael Ho. Ho has won five pro surf contests at Sunset and lives on Sunset Point. His intimate knowledge of the wave is highly regarded by World Tour surfer Roy Powers.

“The only guy I know that can go out to Sunset and toy with it is Michael Ho,” said Powers. “He can go out there and know exactly what every wave will do.”

Experience with Sunset is invaluable at the O’Neill World Cup of Surfing. And a quality ‘gun’ (big-wave board) is just as precious as experience if the surf is big and the West Bowl is barreling.

“It’s hard to get into the waves because they look like they’re going to break really easily, but they’re really moving fast,” Powers said. “So, you need a big board to get yourself into it.”

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