O’Neill x Sun Diego Am Slam Stop #2


O’Neill x Sun Diego Am Slam Stop #2

Competitors and spectators didn’t expect much in the way of waves for Stop #2 of the four-part Sun Diego Am Slam Surf Series presented by O’Neill, as the surf forecast looked pretty bleak for Mission Beach. However, a 1-3ft windswell arrived just in time to give competitors enough to get busy on. By the time the finals rolled around, it was shoulder-high and a bit beyond simply “contestable.”

HIGHLIGHTS: Levi Slawson advanced to both the Men’s and Boys finals with impressive footwork, while the small-framed Roberto Rodrigues threw down some of the best maneuvers of the event. And HB local Jack Boyes ripped the crud out of the meager waves to win $800. Other standouts included Sun Diego teamriders Brock Crouch and Caleb Crozier, who won the aforementioned Men’s and Boys divisions, respectively, and Sidney Tisdell, who dominated the Women’s division.

OUTSTANDING PERFORMERS: Krystian Kymerson actually came into this event as the last alternate, and ended up winning every heat he surfed in except one. The Brazilian’s backhand verts and forehand blow-tails earned him the top prize, $1600, in the marquee Pro division.

1. Krystian Kymerson, $1600
2. Jack Boyes, $800
3. Roberto Rodrigues, $400
4. Willy Santos, $200

1. Jacob Szekely
2. Tarcisio Lopes
3. Levi Slawson
4. Jonah Pierce
5. Brock Crouch
6. Paul Pugliesi

1. Brock Crouch
2. Ryan Martin
3. Zach McCormick
4. Micah Crozier
5. Braeden Steele
6. Sean Carlin

1. Caleb Crozier
2. Levi Slawson
3. Luca Aza
4. Jacob Kelly
5. Sebastian Ojeda
6. William “Tex” Mitchell

1. Sidney Tisdell
2. Coral McDuffee
3. Maya Saulino
4. Joceline Marchand
5. Ashley Deemer
6. Laura Jezik


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