Peaking: Mark Mathews

Peaking: Mark Mathews

A new Red Bull Surfing series, “Peaking”, documents Mark Mathews both as a competitor and organizer of his event the Red Bull Cape Fear challenge in a two part series

In Episode 1, Mark deals with the stresses of organizing an event two years in the making while also mentally preparing to surf in the event. The end of the edit leaves us with a cliffhanger.  Mark suffers an injury that may or may not keep him out of the event.  We’re hoping it’s the latter and he’s able to compete against the world’s best big wave surfers.

Episode 2 starts off with Mark trying to get out of his car to get physical therapy work on his back, which he suffered a day earlier slamming onto dry rock. The Therapist couldn’t advice Mark to surf without getting a proper x-ray to make sure Mark doesn’t do any lasting damage if he were to fall surfing.  Mark ends up getting the go ahead and surfs against his idol Shane Dorian. Mark wins the head to head battle and there’s immediate talk of a rematch next year in pumping 10 foot waves.


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