Phone Tap with Ian Crane


When we got word that Ian was land locked for a week we jumped on the opportunity to get our first of many ‘Phone Tap’ interviews. Each month we will be featuring a new athlete. Ian cut the ribbon lets see how it goes…

What’s new with Ian Crane?

I tweaked my ankle doing a pro-am competition in the final and I haven’t surfed in about a week. I’m starting to lose my mind but the doctor said I could possibly be in the water by the end of this week.

So what exactly happened to your ankle?

I was in the final and I did an air into a dumpy section and I came down straight with the lip as it dumped and it made a loud popping noise. haha They had to carry me outta the water it was so embarrassing. I was pretty freaked out it didn’t really hurt actually yeah it really hurt. I was just more scared then anything. It’s alright it’s not broken or anything.

What is your plan for 2013?

My plan for 2013 competition wise is I really want to qualify for the world juniors kind of pissed off actually really pissed off that I’m not there right now. I wanna qualify for that for sure. I also want to be in the top 100, 120 on the WQS so I could be in all the prime events and then just to go on surf trips, get better at surfing, get barreled, surf good waves, and just have fun.

How do you describe the surf scene today?

The surf scene is a big group of people everyone knows each other, there is favorites, there’s gossip, everyone has an opinion, and everyone thinks the same thing. I don’t no the surf scene is the surf scene I don’t know its just group of people and everyone is worried about doing the same thing which is surfing and it’s fun.

Are you an air guy?

Am I an air guy ahh… I guess I enjoy doing airs

What’s missing in modern surfing?

I don’t really know if there is anything missing but it would nice if there was some sort of wave pool where in skating they get the same ramp same rail so they could perfect their tricks. In surfing there’s nothing really like that but at the same time that is what makes surfing so cool. There’s always something new and different so I guess the thing missing in surfing is perfection but perfection isn’t always the best thing.

Anything else you need to tell the world?

Nope I think that’s it…..

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