Power Rankings


Is JJ surfing’s Black Swan? Is he the incomprehensible, unexpected, game-changer that causes the world to tilt? When the bricks were being doled out to all the pretty Californian kids a few years back, John John missed out on the cherries and got the pips. Now, the surf industry lizards stiffen with anticipation at a contract renewal that will make numbers and accountants spin. Seventy-something seconds into the final at Rio, John John didn’t just have his foot on Joel Parkinson’s neck, he had him stripped naked and shivering. A nine-point backside air 360 (ain’t no reverse in the mix) on JJ’s first wave? In under seven minutes, Joel was comboed and being force-fed bitter slices of melon. Joel responded with tuberides and cutbacks. And Joel is the current world number one. And while Kolohe aims for Rookie of the Year, John John talks of world titles. One of ’em is dreaming.

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