Quik Pro France – Day 1 & 2


The Quik Pro in France is underway, the first round got into the water yesterday.
Jordy is chasing Kelly Slater to get back into the pole position of the World Tour. Jordy made his first round heat and got straight through to round 3.
Bobby lost his round 1 and is up against Daniel Ross in Round 2. Roy needs to go through Round 2 as well and will surf against Michel Bourez.

Quiksilver Pro France 2010- Day 1.
The opening day of the world tour’s European leg was a lay day for all involved thanks to unruly weather and wonky waves at the main contest peak at Cul Nul.
This didn’t stop the international O’Neill team riders finding a few waves to stretch out the travel kinks from the long trip from California.
Bobby Martinez and Roy Powers hit Capbreton for a little photo sesh and Jordy sneaked off for a filming mission with Kai Neville.
Looks like it could be game on tomorrow (Sunday 26th) as the conditions are predicted to be cooking…
Jordy faces wildcard Julian Wilson in Heat 5, which could be a battle of the skies, Roy’s up against dangerous Euro local Tiago Pires and rookie Owen Wright in Heat 10 and Bobby tackles the power combo of Andy Irons and Kai Otton in the last heat of the round Heat 12.

Quiksilver Pro France 2010- Day 2.
The famous beachbreaks of Hossegor were in a brutal mood this morning for the first day of competition at the Quik Pro.

Dawn revealed solid eight-foot sets detonating close to shore and between the barrel rides there were some hefty poundings.

Team O’Neill didn’t get to revel in the morning glory as they were later in the heat draw. Jordy’s heat was the last one with any good tubes and he smashed his opponents with a brace of deep barrel rides. Come Roy’s heat the tide was low and the waves were unreadable, he didn’t have a good day.

Bobby was in control of his heat until a late surge from Kai Otton pipped him at the post, so we’ll be seeing Roy and Bobby in Rd 2 which should be on early tomorrow morning…

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