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We kidnapped O’Neill Team Rider Sage Erickson while she was in our office, dragged her in front of our photo crew, then sat her down and gave her the 3rd degree!

What are your feelings going into the last two events of the season with two big results behind you?
Its nice to have those results. The past years I’ve always been coming from behind and I feel more comfortable this year going into the two remaining events.

What have you done different this year compared to previous years?
This year has been a lot different for me compared to last year because a lot of my focus has been on being physically fit and psychologically trained. A lot of the psychological has to do with being present in the moment during heats and being observant of the conditions. The results of my training are apparent to me when I am in a heat and don’t feel fatigued.

What is your pre-heat routine?
Generally I’ve been concentrating on being focused, watching conditions, and counting the set waves. I also buckle down on training and eating right leading up to the events. My pre-heat warm up is a 20 minute warmup with backward squats, footwork, and I ask my mom not to ask me any questions! (Sorry Mom!)

Now you have a long break in between events, what are your plans?
I’ve kinda figured out my routine, so I’m sticking to what has been working for me. I’m also trying to keep working on my boards with Channel Islands as well as traveling a lot locally to surf. I just went down to Trestles to keep familiar with a high performance wave.

Any advice you can give to up and coming women surfers?
Keep really devoted to what you love and if you love something like surfing, set goals then dedicate yourself to those goals and be the best you can be!

Have you had a chance to surf in the Superkini? What did you think?
I got to spend good ‘one-on-one’ time with the Superkini in Hawaii when O’Neill got us a house. Its a really flexible stylish bikini. It works well when surfing and it takes the focus off of worrying about your suit sliding around. You can also wear it and look cute in it!

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