Sage Erickson Travels to France

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We caught up with O’Neill Girls surf team rider Sage Erickson after she got back from a trip to France for the Swatch Girls Pro. Check out this quick Q&A:

Was this your first time to France?
My first time to France was when I went for the ISA World Games, 4 years ago. USA ended up placing 3rd over all and the whole team was so excited!

Were you able to do any sight seeing? If so what were some places you’d recommend?
Ive been to France 4 times now so I’ve seen a lot of the local communities around Hossegor. Birits is one of my favorites, the architecture is amazing. Its so European, I say that because often times you see movies with these vintage style apartment alongside water canals, flower terraces and mini Eurp cars racing around.

Favorite thing to eat/best meal in France?
You can never go wrong with a fresh croissant and an espresso or a thin crusted pizza!

What did you notice about the style/fashion in France?
France seemed to be very clean cut, style wise. Everything seems to fit perfect, i don’t know how they do it! Leather jackets, petite scarves, fitted skinny jeans.. They didn’t really seem to be to big on patterns like florals/neons etc. The men dressed very sheik. Definitely a lot of attractive people in Europe!

Favorite item that you bought?
I buy a new scarf every time i go to France, its turned into a tradition!

Do they love Instagram in France as much as we do?
I think the whole world loves Instagram like we do!

Best part of the trip?
The best part of my trip was probably doing well in the event. Getting a result not only is beneficial to ratings on tour but it puts you in a motivating mood to really enjoy the country and site see!

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