Splendid Days In Paradise

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O'Neill Girls Surf Team: Kiana, Sage & Malia

O’Neill Girls team rider Sage Erickson just got back from spending some time in Hawaii. Hear about her trip first hand in this blog:

“Outside is chilly, the clouds roll in and seem to have no mercy on this California coastline. The California winter is at its finest and I can’t help but sip my morning coffee and wish I could go back to that tropical oasis called Hawaii. The destination where the ocean water resembles fine topaz… and sea turtles flounder as they watch the surfers from around the world brace their shores for a few months. Hawaii took me captive for the month of November and part of December.

I chose to really embrace working on my surfing in conditions that are different from California’s selections. A seven-mile miracle landed me on the North Shore of Oahu and I spent my days surfing, training and enjoying the off season before my rookie year on the World Championship Tour starts in February. The pressures of being a competitive surfer are all on the individual’s shoulders and finding the balance amongst pleasing sponsors, the eye of others and myself can be overwhelming at times. By focusing my perspective on the beautiful life surfing has to offer, all those pressures quickly disappear. The happiness of early morning surfs while the sun rises in Hawaii, erases any negative thoughts that try to surface in my subconscious mind.

Throughout the winter, I experienced some amazing surf sessions. O’Neill took over two houses this year, a boys house at Pipe and a Girls house at Log Cabins. Pipe saw the pecking order, boys and men trying to prove their abilities. Although on edge and ready to attack the massive mountains of water rolling in, the boys were so welcoming. They encouraged me to surf better and push the limits I’ve set for myself. The wisdom behind my O’Neill family influenced me to take risks and conquer daily goals out in the water.

On a softer side, Log Cabins flourished with locals trying to avoid the invasion of the world’s best surfers. The girls house exerted a true Hawaiian vacation lifestyle: O’Neill bikinis, surfboards, sun tans and a king size jacuzzi ready for us after we finished surfing in the rain. We had our yearly O’Neill girls’ photo shoot where our team was able to get a first peek at the Spring 2012 swim line. This is such an exciting time of the year for us, seeing as how we are pretty much in bikinis year round. Representing my favorite clothing brand, O’Neill Girls, is rewarding in so many ways, and it’s times like these, that I am able to spend with the team, that I truly appreciate it the most. During our stay, one of the North Shore’s largest events took place this winter…the infamous Surfer Poll. The thought of dressing up with all my friends, supporting their nominations and making memories was an awesome experience I look forward to every year. I rocked my new Jeffery Campbells (beautiful 5 inch black leather combat lace up high heels) and before I knew it I caught myself fantasizing about being a 5’11 super model who rocked the runway at one of the years biggest fashion shows (the Victoria Secret Fashion Show).

My experience in Hawaii was superb, the hospitality of my sponsors, fresh Hawaiian fruit for breakfast and endless waves seemed so surreal, wait was it? Did it really happen only a few weeks back?

When reality sets back in, my vision becomes fixated out the window of my toasty Tahoe at the cold winter waves, trying to avoid looking at my car’s temperature gauge. I take a deep breath, hop out, throw on my favorite blue O’Neill wetsuit and run into the arctic currents of Ventura.”


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