Style Muse Diaries: Doodles for the Sea


Style Muse Diaries: Doodles for the Sea

We celebrated Earth Day last week but that doesn’t mean it’s the one-day of the year we should focus on giving back. O’Neill Style Muse, Gabs Dormio, is initiating this idea through a very un-expecting outlet, social media. So many people talk back and forth on the idea of social media being “fake” but there are so many ways to utilize it for good. You just have to change your perception.

She started a blog and Instagram account for an amazing cause and teamed up with us to help spread the word. Listen to her story below.


“I started Doodles For The Sea back in September of 2015 after posting a photo of myself that I doodled around. Looking back, I was actually wearing an O’Neill Women’s bikini!! The response from posting that one photo was insane and my direct message’s flooded with doodle requests. The demand was high. Having a job and being a full time college student, I found it difficult to find time to draw on people’s photos. I originally charged for a doodle via PayPal but it dawned on me that I didn’t need this money. This would be a perfect opportunity to donate to organizations that can help protect our world and creatures in it, which was something I was immensely passionate about. A few days later, my shop Doodles For The Sea went live.”

How does it work?

All the proceeds are donated to the Wildlife Conservation Society. They are an organization that strives to protect wildlife & wild-lands throughout the entire world, land or sea.

How To Buy:

All the custom edit doodles can be purchased through my blog, through the ‘SHOP’ section. They are only $10.

You can also purchase through my IG, @DoodlesForTheSea by clicking the link in my bio that will take you directly to the website.

Style Muse Diaries: Doodles for the Sea

Why it means so much to you?

Doodles For The Sea is always going to be near and dear to my heart. It’s allowed myself to bring people all throughout the world together and do our part to protect the Earth we live in. The lightheartedness I get knowing that my art will be a symbol for good deeds is forever luminescent. With over $1,000 raised in donations so far, I am forever humbled by each soul. It’s just crazy to see something I started with just a little photo of myself to post to Instagram become such an incredible cause.

How does it keep you inspired?

My soul inspiration comes from everyone who has taken the time out of his or her day to be apart of my cause. My doodles are a constant reminder that there are people, just like me, who have a love so deep for the world they will do all they can to help conserve it. It’s an ever-lasting loop of inspiration. I wouldn’t be invigorated to draw nearly as much without the help of this beautiful world we live in.

What it means to work with O’Neill Women’s to support the cause?

To be able to work with such a recognized & established (not to mention AMAZING) brand has been a dream of mine since I started my Doodles For The Sea. With the help of O’Neill Women’s, I can attract more people all around the globe to participate in my cause & get a little keepsake of rad art in return. The three doodles in this post, I did exclusively for O’Neill.

What Gabs is wearing?

Hat: Phoenix Hat (in black)
Tops: Justina Top & Mary Jane Top
Bottoms: Skye Pants & Mona Shorts


Gabs Dormio & O’Neill Women’s

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