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Over 3,000 girls from around the world entered the O’Neill Superkini Model Search earlier this summer, hoping for one of the three places at the final in Miami – a final which will land one of them the coveted role as an O’Neill Girl and with it a global contract with Next Model Management. We carried out interviews with the three model-hopefuls right after they had received the phone call to tell them they’d made it to the final. Here is our interview with Savannah, our finalist from the United States who received the most votes!

Congratulations on your place in the finals, what did you think when you heard the news?

Initially, I cried because it was hard to believe I was going to experience my dream of having this opportunity to do a photoshoot for O’Neill and Next Model Management in Miami. After the shock wore off, I logged onto Facebook and thanked all of my family and friends for voting and for all the effort they put into helping me succeed. They were my biggest fans and without them I may not have had this opportunity. Also, I thanked the girls who were in the contest with me and reminded them there were two more slots to be filled!

Why do you want to become an O’Neill & NEXT model?

I don’t fit the typical model type and I am hoping I can inspire others to try modeling. The way I look is something I inherited genetically and I cannot change. I have a passion and love for modeling and this will keep me going when negativity is thrown my way. Also, I am outgoing and confident in a crowd. When I was younger I was a background actor and was called ‘exotic’ by the casting companies as I portrayed Caucasians, African Americans, Native Americans, Pacific Islanders and Hispanics. Because of my ethnic flexibility I could represent a lot of the global market for both O’Neill and Next Models. I also think I have a realistic body image and I won’t look intimidating in an O’Neill bikini or Superkini!

Why do you think YOU will win in Miami?

To be completely honest, I feel as if I have won just by having the opportunity to travel to Miami. I’m really excited and I can’t wait to meet Charis, Maria and everyone at O’Neill and Next Model Management : )

Stay tuned for interviews with our other two finalist Charis and Maria!

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