Support Our Guys at Surfer Poll

The infamous Surfer Poll Awards are coming up and while it is an invite-only event, the whole event will be live-streamed so we can all watch it at home on Thursday, December 6th! Show your support for O’Neill team riders John John Florence, Jordy Smith, Brett Barley, Mark Mathews, Shaun Cansdell, Cory Lopez, Roy Powers, Timmy Reyes, and Nils Schweizer by voting for them before October 31, 2012.


Here’s how the SURFER Poll award winners are chosen… by two groups of people:

1. The Top 10 Men and Top 5 Women are voted on by our readers at Anyone can vote, but voting is limited to one ballot per person.

2. The filmmaking awards are chosen by a panel of judges that includes the SURFER Magazine editorial staff, select members of the Top 10 Men and Top 5 Women categories, notable filmmakers who are not entered in this year’s competition, legendary surfers, and other experts who understand the demands of surf filmmaking. The goal is to honor the films and surfers that will have a lasting imprint on the art and act of surfing.

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