Surf With Sage Erickson Day In Bali

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Our friends over at O’Neill Indonesia spent some time with surf team rider Sage Erickson last week while she was visiting for the Oakley World Pro Junior. O’Neill Indonesia did a cool contest on Facebook where one lucky girl won the change to spend the day with Sage… Check out what they had to say:

Congratulations to Cinta Hansel the lucky winner of the “O’Neill Surf with Sage Day” Facebook competition! At 22 years old Sage Erickson is an amazing lady to look up to; full of energy, an outgoing spirit and a big inspiration for all female surfers. With her progressive style she is putting a lot of effort into her talent. Sage started surfing when she was 9, just like Cinta our winner of the Sage Surf Day Facebook comp. we ran last week!

Being in Bali Indonesia hosting the Oakley World Pro Junior, Sage took Cinta shopping and taught the little grommie her surfing tricks! As a cherry on top Sage gave her favorite team board to Cinta to rock on’. Like Sage, Cinta caught the competition bug as well. This year she won the award for “Best Female Maneuver” and is competing as much as she can as one of the youngest female competitors in Indo. With her dad Bruce Hansel as a shaper she is one talented lady. Shaping her own board is what her dad is teaching her! Cinta is dreaming of a prestigious life as a pro surfer to be able to compete amongst the best surfers in the world. We know she will do amazing! A young competitor and great surfer to keep watching. A memorable day captured. Smile and the world smiles back to you!

Check out the video here:

Surfing with Sage in Bali. from O’Neill Indonesia on Vimeo.

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