The 2011 Hawaii Season Has Begun!


Luke Davis – Backdoor

If you have been living under a rock or are new to surfing, November is the start of the Vans Triple Crown in Hawaii. I get emails, tweets and Facebook posts from all our team as they try to get all their boards through the airlines and off to the North Shore to the O’Neill Team House on the North Shore. They’ll be staying there for the next month competing, eating, partying and hopefully winning a ton of heats! Keep your ears peeled for our news from the North Shore because things are going to get real! For more info on the Triple Crown go to

Haleiwa – Reef Hawaiian Pro November 12th-23rd
Sunset Beach – Vans World Cup of Surfing November 24-December 6
Banzai Pipeline – Billabong Pipe Masters December 8-20

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