The Icon and the Phenom: Scott Byerly & Nick Taylor

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Nick Taylor, an emerging force in the wakeskate scene recently joined the legendary Scott Byerly to discuss the eclectic styles and progression of the sport.

Spearheading the wakeskate movement, Byerly is determined to develop quality equipment to further push wakeskating to the limits. While Taylor is set on creating a unique riding style all his own in order to deliver all that he can to the movement.

Much like Ying and Yang, Nick embodies the image of a clean cut, mellowed out Islander, who is comfortable enough with himself to care about the attitudes of others. Scott, mirrors the same repose, however inked designs continually peek out from under his clothing. Nick’s streamlined style, next to Scott’s tattoo-laden body and shaggy unkempt hair, frames the two to appear radically different.

Nick and Scott may look like polar opposites sitting side by side, but at the end of the day, there dedication, perseverance, and desire to see wakeskate thrive, unites them in the their quest to enhance the sport that they have both developed a genuine passion for.

Getting their feet wet with the warm clam waters of Florida from a young age, Nick and Scott’s roots on the Florida scene parallel at many points.

Scott Byerly’s reputation as a pivotal wakeboarding icon and entrepreneur has defined his career, from creating the Toe Jam to building a successful company–while Nick Taylor’s career is flourishing and hitting new highs, he frequently looks up to the iconic Byerly for guidance and insight. Despite the fact that both are on different planes in their careers, their significant contributions to the sport are immeasurable.

Though Nick and Scott have differing objectives to pursue throughout their
ventures, one thing is definitely certain between them; success for them is not measured by money or fame. For Nick and Scott, it’s all about remaining loyal and giving back to the sport that has given so much to them.

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