The Wettest Wednesday

Electric Pulp

Protecting surfers from the elements has always been O’Neill’s first priority and, naturally, making them stoked has always been a direct effect. What better way to stoke out the surf community by showering them with free O’Neill sunglasses? Hosted by Zenbu, North County San Diego’s premiere sushi spot, the O’Neill Eyewear Launch Party was held in conjunction with Wet Wednesday, a weekly local surf community gathering for top-quality sushi, beverages, and fun!

The new O’Neill Eyewear line was so well received that attendees were willing to do just about anything for a free pair of shades. Whether it was chugging sake, downing a jalapeno and wasabi-heavy rice roll courtesy of sushi chef Tyler, or trading in their old, beat up sunglasses for a brand new pair of top-quality O’Neill shades, every winner was stoked to finally have their eyes protected by the surf company that pioneered sun protection.
And with the sushi and drinks flowing all night, the O’Neill Eyewear crew held true to their motto: First in, last out.

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