Timmy Missions

Timmy Missions” is a web series recently created to showcase all of Timmy’s travels. The first of many “Timmy Missions” start off with New Zealand then fading into West Oz. Timmy Reyes traveled around the world for one year alone side good friend and filmer Tony Adams to document the whole experience. Today we had Tony Adams on site to give us feedback from his missions with Timmy Reyes.

New Zealand was a very interesting place. The place is very unique and the people were very friendly. We were hoping to score better waves than we did, especially seeing the way the set up was. Long insane point breaks that did not end for a very long time, with green cliffs above and stoney little rocks, place was amazing. Oz was very fun. We scored some good waves and linked up with Kelly and some of the boys. Kelly and Timmy had an amazing session at some random slab! We ate some amazing food, and over all it was a great trip. The rest of the trip stays there! haha” – Tony Adams.

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