#TodayIsPerfect Contest Week 3 Semifinalist Winner!

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And we have another winner! This week’s #TodayIsPerfect semifinalist winner is 20-year-old Texan Chloe McAndrew!

Chloe’s winning photo reminds us that even the briefest of moments can hold overwhelming amounts of power & the ability to create life-long memories of happiness.

A student at St. Edwards University in Austin, Chloe’s passions include surfing, art, longboarding, listening to music, traveling, and hanging out with friends. Travel, however, is Chloe’s biggest passion and her main future aspiration in life. One day, she hopes to backpack across Europe, move to New Zealand and travel all over the world. It’s no secret that her idea of the ULTIMATE perfect day would involve some major jet-setting, traveling adventures and exploring of exotic far-away places…

When we asked Chloe to describe her winning photo entry, she told us:

“This was taken at Waimea Bay on the island of Oʻahu in Hawaii. This photo represents a perfect day because it pretty much sums up the amazing summer I had with my friends in one image.This photo was taken on one of the last days that my friends and I were going to be on the island together. Out of all of the photos I took during the duration of the summer this one was my favorite. It truly captured the essence of how perfect life can be if you get a chance to look at all the beautiful things around you.”

We couldn’t agree more that her photo truly captures the essence of #TodayIsPerfect! Chloe will receive an O’Neill prize pack and gets her photo featured here on our blog and on O’Neill Women’s social media! She’ll be one of the 7 semifinalists who will go on to compete in the finals round in March for a chance to win the grand prize of the ULTIMATE perfect day (value of $5,000)!

Enter NOW or Learn More: us.oneill.com/todayisperfect 

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