#TodayIsPerfect Contest Week 4 Semifinalist Winner

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The stakes are getting higher and higher as there are only 3 MORE WEEKS LEFT in the #TodayIsPerfect photo contest!

Tara Barchalk is the lucky semifinalist winner for week 4 of the contest….CONGRATULATIONS! She’ll go on to the finals round where she’ll compete against the 6 other semifinalists for the chance to win the GRAND PRIZE: the ULTIMATE perfect day (worth $5,000 – AND, O’Neill will be filming it!)

Tara is a 23 year old senior at San Diego State University and an active yogi working towards completing her 200 hour yoga teacher certification! She loves outdoor adventuring such as hiking and camping. She is also a talented singer and songwriter who plays guitar!

In the future, Tara dreams of teaching yoga internationally – traveling the world while chasing her dreams. She also hopes to incorporate her music and teaching people about how to live a healthier life. She tells us, “I want to grow as a person, challenge myself to be better, make a difference in the world, and keep on dreaming! My philosophy is that life is short and we are all the drivers of our own cars- we can make anything happen if we want to.”

When we asked her to explain how her winning photo represents #TodayIsPerfect, she told us: 

“My photo represents the perfect day because that’s exactly what it was for me in that moment. I packed up a truck with friends, food, and camp gear at 4am with Joshua Tree National Park in sight. It was a good friend’s birthday weekend and 20 of my closest friends took the weekend off from life to explore nature and celebrate a birthday the best way we all knew how- lost in nature. The photo I submitted was taken on the first day we were there, everyone was eager to explore and a handful of us found a mountain of boulders we wanted to climb. I made it to that lookout spot and stopped in awe, how small I felt, how beautiful everything around me was, and how perfect a moment to be grateful for this life, my friends, our adventures, and the beauty of this world. I was lucky that someone caught me in the act and snapped a photo of it. What most people won’t know is I had no idea the photo was being taken and I was silently soaking up just how perfect my day was in the moment. I’m so grateful it was captured because it really is the perfect picture and moment I now own.”

CONGRATS again to Tara and don’t miss YOUR chance win an O’Neill prize pack, featured on our social media and blog, and the grand prize of your ULTIMATE perfect day!


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