#TodayIsPerfect Week 5 Semifinalist Winner

Electric Pulp

Thanks to the overwhelming response you all have had to our #TodayIsPerfect photo contest, we’ve received thousands of outstanding entries!! Last week, we had to declare a tie & chose 2 SEMIFINALIST winners for Week 5! One of these winners is Christina Pretty-Moon Panther, a 24 year old college student from Los Angeles.

Getting to know Christine, she told us that her soul is most satisfied by adventures both big and small. She told us, “I love marveling at the world around me through running, hiking, and traveling. Photography is a passion of mine as it allows me to capture a glimpse of a story forever but also share it in the hopes of inspiring other women (young and old) to venture out of their daily lives with an open heart to see and experience the wonders of the world.” She’s become an all around water woman, and she feels most at home in the ocean.

Her Native American roots have made her aspire to pursue a degree in Educational Leadership and hopes to start a scholarship foundation one day.

When asked to describe her winning photo, she said:

“Shakas Up!I LOVE giving myself fully to the adventure of each day! This day led me to the sea! To be STILL and MARVEL!  To ENJOY the simple life of the sand, sun, and surf! To BASK in the BEAUTY of the day and LIFE that surrounded me!”

Her ultimate perfect day would be to travel to Thailand, where she’d volunteer at the orphanage, eat local food, see exotic animals, and go free diving in the ocean.

Good luck in the finals, Christine! And congratulations on being a semifinalist.

For YOUR chance to win, go to: us.oneill.com/todayisperfect

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