Tour Talk | 2012 Volcom Fiji Pro


John John seems to be at the top of everyone’s list on the winners tab… take a look!

What: Volcom Fiji Pro
Where: Restaurants and Cloudbreak just offshore of Tavarua
When: June 3-15, 2012
Watch it live at!
Volcom Fiji Pro: Staff And Pro Picks

Innersection Winner Albee Layer
Winner: Slater, he’s psyching.
Rookie Threat: John John.
Shocker: Hopefully he wave will be shockingly big, that will be fun to watch.
Darkhorse pick: Owen Wright’s not really a darkhorse, but he’ll be tough to beat out there.

TWS Photo Editor Aaron Checkwood
Winner: John John Florence. The force is with him.
Rookie Threat: Gabriel Medina. I can’t see him not doing damage. Does that make sense?
Shocker: Kelly uses sunscreen for the first time and slips out of the second round.
Darkhorse: Ace Buchan. I can see Fiji being Ace’s ace in the hole.

“Hana” Hank Gaskell
Winner: John John is the best surfer in the world as of yesterday.
Rookie Threat: John John
Shocker: It will be perfect the whole event!
Darkhorse pick: Kai Otton if it’s big, Kieren Perrow too, he’ll rip out there.

TWS Editor In Chief Chris Coté
Winner: John John Florence has a lot of momentum going in to this event, but Slater has something magical at Cloudbreak—both will do well, but I’m gonna throw CJ Hobgood as the winner—coming back in good form to dominate Cloudbreak again.
Rookie Threat: Gabriel Medina isn’t known for his tube riding, but he’s a smart surfer and will make a lot of heats—he won’t do a 360 the entire event.
Shocker: The event will end at double overhead perfect Restaurants —people will be getting 12-second tubes on every wave.
Darkhorse: Injury wildcard Freddy P is gonna light it up in his heats—passionate surfing will prevail—go goofy!

Haole Hawaiian Dege O’Connell
Winner: Slater and John John will battle for the win.
Rookie Threat: John John, easy answer.
Shocker: Wilko’s bar tab will be huge.
Darkhorse pick: Brett Simpson, he’ll surprise some people for sure.

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