Electric Pulp


Nothing say careless, summer living then wavy, beach hair. There are a lot of products out there to get you this look without having to set foot on the sand. Unfortunately, these products can cost a pretty penny! We have found an inexpensive way to get the same effect with everyday, house hold items.

What You Need:

-An Empty Spray Bottle (old hairspray bottle or you can buy one for about a buck or two at any drug store)
-3 Teaspoons of Epson Salt
-4oz of water (tap water will work just fine)
-3 Dime size squirts of a water-based hair gel

After combining all the above ingredients into your bottle shake and spray generously in your hair, concentrating on the end. This works best when hair is damp, but will work just fine if dry. Run fingers through hair a couple times, working the hair from root to tip and let it air dry. For an added style rat the ends a little bit once hair is completely dry. With these simple ingredients and easy steps you will look like the perfect beach babe!

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