Unmasking the Eco Warrior


By Jake Howard – ESPN.com

Writing a check to the Surfrider Foundation and putting a “member” sticker on your car is one thing. Noble as it may be, risking life and limb to protect and save our oceans and beaches takes a bit more commitment. Meet Laguna Beach’s James Pribram, aka “the Eco Warrior.” From legalizing surfing in the Windy City to protesting Chilean pulp mills to paddling through BP’s muck in the Gulf, Pribram takes pride in putting himself on the front lines of some of surfing’s more serious environmental disasters. ESPN Surfing caught up with him recently to get a little more background on the man known as the Eco Warrior.

Politically, morally or otherwise, what is your stance on the environment?
People need to get realistic about cleaning up the environment and our individual roles. I am trying to demonstrate that each of us can be Eco Warriors if we decide to make a difference in our own backyards. In addition to local Laguna Beach projects, I travel the world to help shine a spotlight on local challenges that folks are fighting in their own backyards. We can’t just keep pissing in our playgrounds. For some kids the ocean is their only path to a normal and healthy life when they don’t have the resources to be involved in after school programs and or sporting programs.

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