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To kick off our first We Love His Style blog we’d like to introduce you to a friend of O’Neill Girls, Scott Sporleder! Scott is an award winning photographer who has spent the past decade traveling to and photographing over 40 countries and WE LOVE HIS STYLE!

Scott not only has mad skills in the photography department, but he also has an incredible and eclectic taste of style which is every changing. After running into Scott at the 2011 Sawdust Festival in Laguna Beach (where he is honored to sell his art) we knew we had to feature him in the blog so all of you could meet him! We were finally able to chat with him while he was on his way to his next adventure in Australia. Please enjoy some of our Q&A below:

O’Neill Girls: How would you describe your style?

Scott: I wouldn’t say that I necessarily have a specific style, the things that I wear are always in a constant state of fluctuation. I like to think of myself as a bit of a chameleon, you could see me one looking like a tie-die wearing, barefoot eco-warrior and on the next day, I’ve shaved my head, have a flat top and am rocking slacks, amdress shirt and a vest. I’m a big fan of the element of surprise, always try to keep people guessing…. cause in the end it doesn’t really matter.

O’Neill Girls: What are your two favorite things to wear?

Scott: Short shorts and Linen.

O’Neill Girls: What type of girls style/trend are digging right now?

Scott: I think that when it comes to a girls style, I really appreciate originality. It’s a bit corny, but I like it when I see a girl wearing something a bit different and wearing it with confidence. I’ve always been a fan of not doing whatever everyone else is doing… just rock it ’cause you want to rock it. Who cares?

O’Neill Girls: When you travel what are 5 things you can’t live with out?

Scott: I’m actually writing this right now in seat 68c on a flight to Sydney, Australia, so I’m breaking down my travel kit that I packed earlier today. It’s actually a bit of an interesting question, because I have found myself really trying to strip down the amount of “comfort” items that I bring with myself on a trip. We are so fortunate to live in a time on this earth where we can jump on a plane and within more or less 20 hours be anywhere on this globe. A journey that used to take people months, now takes a day, so what’s the point in getting to a far off land and turning on your mp3 player, your iPhone, your “comfort” device and throwing a blanket of protection over yourself? Submerge your self in your surroundings, even if it’s on a plane and you have no music, it’s a pilgrimage and the influence of some new sounds & feelings might really take you to a new mental place, which is why we’re traveling in the first place, right?

That being said. Here is my 5:
1. A good book
2. Journal
3. Passport
4. Camera
5. Gift (I always bring a little something to give to people I meet along the way, something from home. Right now I’ve got a stack of postcards with some of my sunset images from Laguna on it)

About Scott:
After graduating from San Diego State University with a degree in Graphic Design, he began his career in travel photography after returning home from a lengthy  journey to Tibet and China, and recognizing his passion for the art. While continuing to build his photography business in the years to come, Scott worked in various artistic  fields from designing brochures to writing and publishing travel stories in several publications. “Through photography, l attempt to capture moments that spark the imagination of the viewer. l hope that my creations will transport a person to another moment and place in time and to evoke a feeling of wanderlust” Today, Scott resides in Laguna Beach, where he displays his travel work at the annual Sawdust Festival and spends as much time as possible in the ocean.

Connect with Scott:

Buy his art: sporlederart.com

Instagram: SpoArt

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