What’s in your bag?


1: O’Neill Juniper Bag: Because it’s the cutest, most efficient bag I have ever owned. ; )
2: Wallet: Genuine leather straight from the motherland. It was a gift from my favorite aunt when she went on a trip to Mexico.
3: Advil: For stressful days or the cure to a crazy night (haha just kidding!)
4: Bobby pins: For the end of the day when you just need your hair out of your face.
5: Small pouch: Again, straight from the motherland! It’s a perfect size when I only need the essentials: ID, credit card, and maybe cash.
6: Lip gloss/lipstick/lip balm: Usually only used on the weekends.. why? I don’t know…
7: Glitter nail polish: Whenever I feel like snazzing up my look.
8: Argan Oil: To keep the looks looking fresh! Really, this stuff is amazing and lasts FOREVER!
9: Gum: When I go see the bf : )
10: Eaten Special K Bar: Was over it, but kept it just in case.
11: Ray Ban Glasses: Yes, they are prescription.
12: Hand Sanitizer: Because you never know what your touching…. Have you ever seen a 1000 Ways to Die??… Gross!

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